Our Capabilities

We have developed 8,000,000 square feet of office, manufacturing, R&D, retail and residential space for Fortune 500 companies and small businesses.

Developing Your Real Estate Portfolio

Edgewater has developed over 8,000,000 square feet of office, manufacturing, research and development, retail and residential space, which, including current projects, exceeds a value of $600 million.  The strength of the company’s performance has enabled it to secure over $300,000,000 in construction and permanent financing to fund projects for Fortune 500 companies including IBM, Eastman Kodak, Johnson Controls, Allstate Insurance, AT&T, United Technologies, Xerox, and many others large and small.  The tenancy in our properties is a Who’s Who of national and regional companies as well as start-ups and private companies who value the design, cost, efficiency and quality of construction of our work, as well as the high standards of property management after occupancy.

Edgewater is primarily a developer of design/build properties in commercial and medical office, retail and industrial spaces.  We work with a cadre of professionals – architects, engineers, designers, contractors, financial entities and our own management company to produce buildings that work, are attractive and functional, and economic to operate, as well as a pleasure to work in.  We value our relationships with those with whom we work and serve, and these relationships are reflected in the number of repeat facilities we produce together.

In addition to real estate, Edgewater entities have been building and operating renewable resource energy projects since 1984, starting with the 33 MW Glen Park Hydro Facility on the Black River, for which we were awarded the first National Hydropower Visionary Award. Since then we have developed and operated one natural gas cogeneration project, three landfill gas to energy projects, and are initiating a solar project.