Glen Park Hydroelectric Facility, Watertown, NY

(Glen Park Associates, Owner)

Regulatory Commission license from Niagara Mohawk Power Corporation for a 15.5 MW facility to be built on the Black River near Watertown, New York. The project was redesigned, and the license amended to a total design capacity of 32.65 MW with annual production increased from 81,000,000 KW hours to over 135,000,000 KW hours. The project, which involved excavation of over 450,000 cubic yards of rock in a 3,500-foot long intake canal and powerhouse area, and the construction of a 12-story high concrete powerhouse in the cliff adjoining the river, was brought on-line in two years. Glen Park is presently the largest privately-owned hydroelectric plant in the country east of the Mississippi.  All energy is sold to Niagara Mohawk Power Corporation under a long-term energy sales agreement. Construction started in November 1984 and was completed in December 1986.