IBM Building 962

(The Edgewater Company of Kingston, Owner*)


A two-story, 207,000 square foot research and development, wet-and-dry lab/office building for the Data Systems Division in Kingston, New York. The project began with the lease-signing on February 14, 1983. Phases I and II (the entire 103,000 square foot first floor) were delivered on June 16, 1983 – on schedule; the balance of the building – Phases III and IV, was delivered on August 10, 1983 – ahead of schedule. The project included the acquisition of environmental approvals for, and grading of, a 25-acre site, installation of a private road and a Conrail grade crossing, widening of Route 9W, and hardwiring to the main plant through two tunnels under a four-lane divided highway. Project value of $25,000,000.